Checkweigher for shisha pouches with rejecting system

The checkweigher we integrate at the end of our packaging line, controls the weight of every shisha bag coming from the packaging machine, reject those under and over the correct weight and exchange data in real-time with the dosing machine.

Checkweigher for shisha pouch packaging line
Weighing capacity up to
Installations worldwide

The high accuracy of checkweigher in synergy with our unique machine learning dosing system allow you to minimize waste and increase production profits, respect legal requirements and protect your brand reputation for underweight packs.

Accurate shisha bags weight system. Delfin packaging.

Extremely accurate shisha pouches weight measurement and rejecting

Thanks to the double weighing and the Delfin Dynamic Weight System, the pouches that come out of our packaging line will always match the exact weight you set.

  • Direct exchange of weighing data with the dosing machine
  • Double load cell weighing system for precision shisha bag weight control
  • Cells positioned to the sides of the weighing plate for easy maintenance operations
  • Extremely high accuracy and repeatability even at high speeds
  • No false rejects
  • Accuracy from ± 0.1 g *(depending on the weight and dimensions of product)

Functional electronics and practical solutions

All the construction details and features have been studied to make your daily work simple and smooth: enjoy the highest level of reliability and precision achievable in weight control.

  • Easy to use and intuitive setup interface with multi-level password access
  • Self-calibration device
  • Display division from 0,1 g
  • Mobile average function
  • 100 storable programs
  • Quick-disassembly plates for easy and fast cleaning operation reducing stop production time

Reliable and stable mechanics with minimum easy maintenance

Top quality materials, high configurability and attention to every detail ensure longevity and flexibility for your shisha production needs.

  • Stable, safe and easily serviced mechanics
  • 3 conveyors (feeder, weighing and outfeed)
  • Structure in stainless steel tubing for machine stability and easy cleaning
  • No vibrations or disturbances originating from the workplace
  • Withstand intense washing cycles
  • IP54 degree of protection
  • Conformity with ISO-FDA HACCP standards and customer guidelines

Increase profits with Delfin unique packaging line for shisha tobacco pouches, 100% hermetic seals and exclusive machine learning dosing system.