Packaging machinery for shisha, hookah, narghilé and water pipe tobacco pouches.

Fully automatic, our Sirio horizontal packaging machine offers great performance, reliability and all the versatility you need to pack your molasses tobacco in various weights and sizes from 15 gr to 250 gr.
To produces flow pack bags with 100% guaranteed hermetic seals on three sides using laminated barrier wrapping material.

Pack up to
packs per shift
Reduce to
leaking packs
Change film roll in only
Brushless motors to high precision packaging technology

6 motors for high performance packaging

Main packaging phases are entrusted by high quality brushless motors: the most reliable transmission systems! Energy efficient, low noise and zero inertia, they ensures perfect pouches and precision during all the working phases.

  • Brushless motor for the fin wheel assemblyfin wheel assembly transfers the wrapping through the longitudinal sealing wheels ensure precise bag length
  • Brushless motor for the conveyor belt makes the product and the wrapping material always travel together
  • Brushless motor for the high integrity transverse sealing jaws ensure top quality hermetic seals
  • AC motor for the film unwinding roller for constant film tension and film advancing accuracy
  • AC motor for the discharge conveyor belt and speed control to correctly feed the check weigher
  • AC motor for the fin wheel adjustment to change product height through the touch screen
Delfin Intelligent Sealing Technology for shisha tobacco pouches

Delfin Intelligent Sealing Technology: our innovative system ensure 100% hermetic seals

Longitudinal sealing fin wheels are composed of 4 units, with specially designed sealing patterns for shisha packs.
The first set of fin wheels is designed to firmly grip and transfer the wrapping material to the second set of pre-heated fin wheels which prepares the wrapping material for the third sealing set. The forth set is composed of a folding unit and also acts as a grip on the sealed fin for final folding and transfer to the transverse sealing jaws.

  • 100% hermetic leak free bag
  • no transverse seal stripping
  • anti-contamination system in the sealing area
  • zig-zag cut to facilitates the opening of the bag by your customers
  • sensors ensuring constant temperature control

60 seconds film roll changeover!

No other system allows you a film roll changeover so easy and quick! Smart design and advanced technology assist you during operations: machine detects the end of the film roll and stops before the film exits the sealing process so you can insert a new roll within a few seconds and connect it to the end of the terminating one. The pneumatic film roll holder is positioned on the bottom for easy operations and is controlled by the touch screen.

  • reduced film roll changeover time
  • reduced wrapping material waistage
  • end of film roll detection system
  • pneumatic film roll holder shaft activated from the touch screen
  • constant film tension controlled by a motorized film unwinding roller
Wrapping material packaging test and consultancy

Save time, produce more!

Man adapted design to make your life easier and speed up your hookah tobacco packaging process.

  • super fast flavour changing operations
  • misplaced product detection avoids machine stops for extraordinary cleaning operations and preserves the cutting knife
  • easy cleaning and maintenance due to no limit on access to moving parts
  • stop film waste and empty bags production by detecting empty hopper
  • quick film threading by lowering the conveyor belt and opening the fin wheels
  • cantilever design for agile operator working
  • all components assembled precisely and in an orderly way
Packages enter perfectly into cartoner, avoiding jamming

Cartoner jammed? Just a bad memory!

We know well how important it is that the production flow is not interrupted. For this reason, we have integrated in our packing line technological features that allow to obtain bags with the shisha mixture ideally distributed and compact so it can easily enter the carton boxes and avoid machine stops and loss of production.

  • ideally distributed molasses in the pouch
  • compact flow-pack pouches
  • pouches shaped to fit into the cartoning machine
Closed protected slip rings to reduce maintenance on packaging machine

A great machine thought in all it’s details which makes it a precious working tool for your daily needs

We have really thought them all out to make production smooth, trouble-free and with minimal operator intervention.

  • automatic rejection of empty bags
  • reliable print-registered film packs to ensure your logo is always visible
  • closed protected slip rings to avoid dust from entering the environment and to reduce maintenance
  • printer predisposition with signal and controls on the touch screen
  • first emergency spare parts kit
  • operator friendly
One touch setup from touch screen control panel and total workflow control

One touch setup and total workflow control

From the color touch screen you can easy recall set of data for each pack weight you want to produce: all necessary parameters will automatically be adjusted to start producing immediately.

  • bag length adjustment
  • product weight
  • packaging and dosing speed
  • misplaced product function
  • hopper empty function
  • product phasing
  • temperature settings
  • print-registered film detection
Robust reliable mechanical Delfin flowpack

Underformable structure, tireless mechanical components, precision electronics

Solid and lending, our flow-pack machine is designed to last in time. Our engineers have integrated the most innovative and reliable components and selected only top quality materials.

  • Stainless steel Aisi 304 guards
  • Machine structure built with thick steel metal plates
  • All moving parts assembled on thick first quality anti-corodal plate to ensure sturdiness and precision
  • Premium electric, electronic & pneumatics components
  • Top quality painting methods
Delfin packaging machine: safety guards

Uncompromising safety at work

Any intervention by the operator during the processing and maintenance phases happens in total safety and in compliance with the strictest european regulations in force.

  • safety magnetic micro-switches
  • robust anti-shatter plexi-glass covers
  • wide plexi-glass cover for clear vision of the entire working phase
  • main working parts separated from transmission and electrical cabinet
  • three colours visual robot lamp to signal machine’s working conditions
  • EC standards compliant
Technical assistance & customer service for packaging machinery

Real time after sales assistance for limited machine stops

We well know how important it is to make sure your shisha production is always maintained at its highest capacity, for this reason we have installed a modem device which facilitates machine diagnostic directly from our after sales technical team which can provide you fast & reliable assistance as soon as you need it.

  • Online remote diagnostic system
  • Video call real time smart assistance
  • Skype or phone assistance

Integrate our high-performance packer into your production process and ensure your customers best quality and aroma preservation of your shisha hookah tobacco