We are proud to present you our exclusive dosing machinery for shisha tobacco: the first with machine learning dosing system

Dosing machinery for shisha, hookah, narghilé and water pipe tobacco mixture.

Specially designed for a stress-free volumetric dosing of shisha mixture, this machine works in perfect synergy with the packaging machine and weigher. Equipped with 5 extruding heads for different weights, it allows to obtain compact and uniform doses with extremely precise weight thanks to our “Delfin Dynamic Weight System” technology.

Hopper capacity
of shisha
Change flavor in only
Doses up to
of shisha per shift

Discover the features of the Delfin electronic dosing machine with unique technology designed to gently treat your premium shisha blend tobacco

Soft process handling of the shisha tobacco mix portions as if it were done by your gentle hands

Since 10 years we have been working closely with our customer all over the world to study and emerge ourselves to breath the passion during the dedicated preparation and processing of the tobacco mixture. This has allowed us to develop the know-how of our dosing machine so that it can gently dose the desired portions just before been packed, ensuring excellent integrity & conservation.

The result is the complete satisfaction of the customers’ pleasure in preparing and enjoying their favorite shisha flavor.

  • No mistreatment of product and any damage of tobacco leaf
  • Suitable for processing premium molasses with intact tobacco leaf
  • Delicate regulation of the mixing speed
  • Rotating rake maintains the original shisha mixture
  • 2 worm screws in the main hopper ensure constant product flow density
Dosing exact weight shisha bags with Delfin Dynamic Weight System

Delfin Dynamic Weight System: auto-adjusting dosing for exact weight bags

Delfin Dynamic Weight System is our innovative and exclusive technology that dynamically controls and adjusts hookah tobacco dosing by continuous data exchange between the dosing machine central unit and the check-weigher.

  • Decrease in overweight and underweight products
  • Main worm screw to dose the product and obtain a constant weight dose of the shisha tobacco
  • Outlet mouth and cutting knife controlled by a pneumatic cylinder for a precise volume of the product
  • Imperceptible tolerance for minimal deviation and maximum precision
  • Programmable self-adjustment for maximum flexibility
Delfin Italy. Quick washing system dosing machine for shisha molasses tobacco

Only 30 minutes for a complete wash and aroma change!

The Dosing unit for hookah molasses tobacco has been designed to be completely washed with fresh water in record time for a very short time production stop.
The mechanical construction features we have developed will save you a lot of time and resources!

  • Fast flavor change operations
  • Control panel and electrical cabinet separated from the dosing unit
  • Easy release system to move the entire dosing unit and hopper away from the packaging machine for washing operations
  • Dedicated hose with spray gun for delicate and accurate washing
  • Water collecting basin complete of water outlet
Delfin reliable expertise packaging machine manufacturer

Easy work solutions

We always think about the design adapted to man to make the work phases easier and as fast as possible

  • Empty hopper detection system
  • Easy configuration and control of the dispenser via the exclusive central touch screen installed in the packaging machine
  • Easy hopper loading system
  • Conforms to CE standards
Soft process handling shisha dosing machine Delfin

Strong and reliable, it will support you even in the toughest working days

Solid and performing, our Dosing unit is built with selected materials of the highest quality and equipped with the most innovative and reliable components.

  • 3 AC motors complete of inverter
  • Machine built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Pneumatic components from Festo
  • Consumption 70 Litres /min (6 bars)
  • Voltage 400 V /3 phase / N+E Kw 3

Grow your business with our high-performance dosing and packaging line dedicated to shisha tobacco.