Our challenge

is to

anticipate future

scenarios of

packaging market


new needs

and provide



whilst maintaining

skills and expertise

at the

highest levels

Mission and values

We work every day to improve our ability to understand and meet all your requirements as a supplier to the shisha industry investing on engeneering design, new wrapping materials, technology innovation and, first of all, on our human resources.

In fact, it is thanks to the skills, knowledge and precious human contribution of each individual employee that at Delfin we achieve ambitious goals whilst offering top quality machinery, reliable after sale assistance and complete customers satisfaction.

We provide your company with unique and customized dosing & packaging solutions, reliability, first class equipment and “on time” project delivery, whilst maintaining a flexible approach.

Delfin specialized tobacco packaging solutions consultancy

Listen, rethink, design and look to the future

In Delfin we review our performance daily, so that improvement decisions can be constantly implemented, with the main focal point for this activity being our technical department.
Using a wealth of experience and based on an in-depth analysis of customer specifications to develop new techniques for each project, we progressively improve and evolve.

Each project includes feasibility studies that are transformed into machine efficiency paying particular attention to your unique needs and suggestions that can resolve production requirements.
With a detailed knowledge of the latest technologies, we implements the feasible request into practice.

Our expertise

For 25 years we have been packaging our customers’ ideas!

25 years of expertise in dosing and packaging machinery
11 years of expertise in tobacco packaging
Research & development
After sale assistance
Problem solving
Customized analysis and testing of packaging materials
Wrapping materials for tobacco shisha testing solutions
Delfin packaging: the founding members

About us

It was 1996 when we founded Delfin Srl: a company based in Italy born from the friendship and the common passion for our work of the three of us: Alberto Drago, Loris Marchioro and Gianpietro Marchioro.

We are in the market of the production packing machines for food and non-food industry, and automatic dosing machines for cookies and biscuits. Because of these two divisions, we produce in our company packing systems and lines and also dosing machines: these two sectors are specific in their characteristic but are at the same time compatible.

Today, after 25 years, Delfin is a very dynamic, powerful and flexible company; that’s why we are partners of very big industrial poles as well as little artisans: to all of them we offer our expertise and tailored solutions.

years of experience
satisfied customers
machinery working all over the world

Now you know many things about us and many others you will discover by choosing us as a partner and working side by side with us!

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